Surround yourself with 40 years of music history while learning the art and science behind audio production.

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Dream big.

Surround yourself with 45 years of music history while learning the art and science behind audio production.

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This is your classroom

The world famous Robert Lang Studios opened it’s doors to students in January of 2019 as a certified Washington State Private Vocational School for Audio Engineering.

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Where it all starts

Many of our Staff Engineers are also our instructors, and are embedded in the Seattle music scene, which means your networking starts on day 1. Our program is structured for students to understand and respect the studio environment, as well as develop an understanding of how to best use the spaces and tools available to make their career in the studio industry.

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The future

Getting gigs successfully

Each student that successfully completes the coursework of Robert Lang Studios Academy will receive a certificate of completion and potential job placement opportunities at the discretion of instructors. Students who do well in the program may be offered assistant positions on studio sessions.




A long-standing student with the Robert Lang Studios Academy. In this interview, he shares about his hands-on experience learning inside of an actual recording studio, not classroom!

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Meet Gavin

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Start your journey

Our education program focuses on a comprehensive knowledge of both digital and analog recording processes; from basic analog signal flow to the intricacies of routing and mixing, both in the box and on a large format console. We start from the beginning with PT 101 and carry that knowledge through advanced mixing techniques, inside and outside the box.

Tuition for our program is $15,000 per year. Payment options are available.

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